According to Spam Laws, spam messages are posted a whopping 14.5 billion times per day. You may see them on your website under comments for your posts, pages, etc. They can number into dozens per day if you don’t have a tool to fight spam. This is where CleanTalk comes in. Below we will discuss whether or not CleanTalk is worth your time to install and why we include it on all packages.

What is CleanTalk?

CleanTalk is a software as a service (SaaS) spam protection tool for websites. It is compatible with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WooCommerce, as well as many others. Its main purpose is to rid your site of board spam, forum spam, blog spam, site spam, egregious form fill outs, and other forms of spam.

Why We Use CleanTalk

Do you hate checking the Google recaptcha and selecting all the images with cars? So do we and it can deter your visitors from filling out your forms. CleanTalk is different because it uses protection methods that are invisible to your website’s legitimate visitors while being a pain to bots. The tool works behind the scenes and does not use a recaptcha, question/answer, math quiz, or other form to block spammers. Everyday CleanTalk works by gathering information on thousands of new spam IPs and emails to target for blocking. This database of active spammers has information for over 20 million IP addresses and grows every day.

" As of August 2010, the number of spam messages sent per day was estimated to be around 200 billion. More than 97% of all emails sent over the Internet in 2008 were unwanted, according to a Microsoft security report. "

— Wikipedia

Why We Include the Premium Version of CleanTalk on All Hosting Packages

Spammers can do far more damage than posting an annoying comment with click bait. They can infiltrate a site to compromise its performance, not to mention its reputation. We use CleanTalk for its unique algorithms that assess the behavior of visitors across the globe to prevent spam with nearly 100% accuracy. The tool even ensures that repeat visitors are recognized and allowed free access to interact with your site without unnecessary restrictions. We make sure all of the above happens with no action from the website owner.

Here are a few of the other benefits of CleanTalk:

  • Comments spam protection.
  • Spam bots registrations filter.
  • Protection against contact form spam.
  • Spam filter for themes contact forms.
  • WooCommerce spam filter.
  • Newsletters filter.
  • Compatible with WordPress cache plugins.
  • Check existing comments for spam.
  • Bulk comment removal.
  • Check existing users for spam.
  • Low false/positive rate.
  • Improvement of SEO.

To learn more about how we can improve your site’s performance, contact us.