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How to Create Links Back to Your Web Site

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Links to your Web Site on other Web Sites

How to Create Links Back to Your Web Site
29 June, 2010  |  2 comments  |  FEATURED NEWS

Having links to your web site on other web sites is one of the best ways to get visitors to your site. This is done a variety of ways. Some Link-backs require very little effort but also return minimal results in comparison to link-backs that require a significant amount of effort. We’ll go through some very legitimate ways to generate links to your site.

  • You can easily generate links to your site by simply listing your site on business directory sites such as and While some directories require a fee or an approval process, most will instantly accept your business listing. You simply provide them with your URL, contact information and about information and there you are. Any business can appear on these directories.
  • You probably don’t want to be just anyone, so you need to build other links to your site. Blog writing, article syndication and press releases are great ways to start building stronger links. This content is posted on reputable websites who let you provide links back to your website in your author bio’s and resource boxes. Some excellent sites for syndication are, and
  • The next level of link building is through your professional social network. As we all know, building a strong networking is important in any business. This is where you will get both in-person and online referrals. Start cultivating relationships with business associates and loyal customers. This will help your in-network link growth significantly.
  • The last and, arguable, most effect type of link-building is through excellent content. If your content is amazing, the amount of links back to your website will inherently grow. Now, just having excellent content won’t get it noticed. You need to make sure that you are doing all of the above link building processes in order to get your content seen in the first place. Once the content is recognized for its excellence, it will be picked up by publishers and linked to by business associates, clients and inspired readers.

Keywords are also a significant part of building links. Make sure that your content is keyword-rich so that it will appear on search engine results. You can find more information about using strong keywords at

One thing to avoid when link building is the use of link communities, or link farms. These are collections of websites that one pays the farm to post a link back to their website in order to boost search engine rankings. The problem with this is that, first of all, these are not legitimate links and secondly, if the individual is caught doing this, their website will be flagged for removal from Google search results.

Remember that strong link building takes time. Be patient and keep trying if you aren’t immediately successful. The Empire State Building wasn’t built overnight and your strongest links probably won’t be built overnight either. Although the process may take a time investment, remember that if you follow the link building steps above, your time investment will be significantly reduced.


by Anne M Lee, MyMark™

1 August, 2011Posted 7 years ago
Free Press Release Distribution
Great tips, but search engines like Google love fresh content, also bear this in mind.
28 September, 2012Posted 5 years ago
I've never heard of this trick? I'll have to try it.
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